Senior Travelers

Are you a senior traveler? Do you need special assistance? Do you think you may have mobility issues during your visit? Well, don’t worry then. At TourByBasques we understand the need of some of our visitors that may feel unease about mobility issues in a tour. Just relax and enjoy the tour.

  • We’ll take good care of you and make you feel comfortable during your visit. Yes, we’ll get a wheelchair for you at the Guggenheim museum and anywhere it’s offered for visitors, and will gladly push it during your visit.
  • We’ll drive safely and in a timely manner in a comfortable car (fully equipped premium vehicle).
  • We’ll get as close as possible to the places of interest so you won´t have to walk unnecessarily.
  • We’ll manage your needs for medicines, if any, and get them at a local pharmacy (if available and prescription free)…

This is why so many satisfied visitors recommend our guided tours for senior citizens.