Would you like to know who’s going to take good care of you?

Hi, I’m Mikel, your private tour guide in the Basque Country and your “local insider”.

My guests benefit from a local insider´s knowledge from the very first stage of designing their tailor-made tours to the farewell meal before they return to their home countries after experiencing the best of the Basque Country.

I’m an experience traveler who has lived in the USA, as well as in the UK and France, and I have visited over 45 countries in the world. College graduate, part-time University professor and passionate about Basque history and traditions.

Do you need the best guide to show you around? Are you looking for a customized, made-to-measure visit? I want you to have the happiest experience during your a journey of discovery of the Basque Country —a land of traditions, culture and a cuisine of international renown.


  • Important notice: I’m not affiliated or connected in any way with any restaurants, hotels or any other business. in order to offer the best service possible, i am fully independent and my guests are free to choose any establishment they wish.
  • Transport in a comfortable premium, fully equipped car, for up to 4 people and guide.
  • For over 5 passengers, transport will be in a premium tour van.

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